Updated builds

NetRadiant packages

Builds were updated, see the download page!

They’re built for Linux, Windows (32 & 64-bit), macOS and FreeBSD. They have native or native-like apperance on all systems and macOS application supports both Light and Dark theme (NetRadiant selects the right one at sartup).

Xonotic mapping support package is not required anymore: in-PK3 symlinks are now supported as well as dds/ prefix. Q3map2 can bake IQM models, NetRadiant camera field of view is modifiable, and Linux NetRadiant binary is clickable.

Some settings folder path have changed.

Some repositories were created for some game packs, if you’re a contributor of such games or want to help refining the experience for your favorite game, you can help!

Support for macOS is new and still rough. There may be problems with multi-screen configurations.