CRN and WebP image support

CRN Textures

The CRN format support was added to both NetRadiant and Q3map2. It is implemented by using the Crunch submodule from Dæmon Engine which follows Unity’s implementation. Also, the WebP image support is now merged. It was implemented long time ago and distributed with Ingar’s builds for years, but was not merged until now. Also, NetRadiant was made more resilient by not erroring on missing image support.

The CRN format is an image compression format optimized for GPU loading like DDS or KTX, hence it is likely to be used by games. The WebP is an image format that was first designed with Web in mind, but being adopted by more and more software as it supports both lossless and lossy compression while having better compression ratio than PNG on lossless mode, and with lossy mode it produces less artifacts while saving file size compared to a JPG. Also, unlike JPG, WebP supports alpha channel on lossy mode. Making NetRadiant and Q3map2 able to support those formats makes the map editor able to display game data using those formats and makes the map compiler able to build against them.

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