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NetRadiant Windows build

NetRadiant builds

Those are built from time to time by illwieckz, in an attempt to provide up-to-date NetRadiant builds.

Download NetRadiant 1.5.0-20220628

Linux users are expected to have an already working GTK2 and OpenGL environment1. Windows users can enable optional Mesa3D rendering2.

Those builds fully support released Xonotic files so there is no need to download an extra mapping support package anymore. The daemonmap tool for Unvanquished navmesh generation is included. Smokin’ Guns q3map2 patches are included.

First class compatibility is provided for games like Xonotic and Unvanquished, about 30 other games are supported (support may vary).

Those builds are now to be prefered over Ingar’s builds3.

See the related forum thread for more information about those builds.

  1. To get a proper GTK2 with OpenGL environment on Linux, install package libgtkglext1 on Ubuntu, gtkglext-libs on Fedora, gtkglext on Arch and Solus, libgtkglext-x11-1_0-0 on openSUSE, or x11-libs/gtkglext on Gentoo. If you run another distribution, look for the GtkGLExt package, this must also bring required dependencies. Other libraries are bundled. ↩︎

  2. People with old Intel chip on Windows 10 may face OpenGL issue and unusable white 3D/2D views, those people can workaround the issue by moving everything from mesa3d/ subdirectory right to netradiant.exe to enable software rendering fallback. ↩︎

  3. Ingar provided NetRadiant builds and gamepacks for a long time. Those builds are now severly outdated and newer builds are now to be preferred instead. ↩︎